How to Play

1. REFRESH*: The first phase to each turn. Draw up to 7 cards, replenish your Steeze Points (SP), and activate a Location from the location deck of the offensive player. Players may discard one card with Focus to activate it's focus ability. (This is the only time you can Focus).
Your Hero will gain 1 additional SP each turn up to a max of 6.

2. SET A TRICK: Play a Trick card at the active location by spending your SP.
Action cards can be played before and after a trick is being set.

3. LANDING: Roll your dice and match all trick and location requirements to land your trick.
If the offensive player bails, priority is passed to the next player.
Action cards can be played before and after a trick is being landed.

4. DEFENDING: All other defending players must now match the set trick by rolling their dice.
Action cards can be played before or after a defensive roll.

5. BAIL: If a defensive player does not meet the landing requirements after all Action cards have been resolved, that player will take a Letter!

6. NEW REFRESH STEP*: The player with trick priority now attempts to set the next trick.
Take turns battling with Action and Trick cards until one player spells S.K.A.T.E.

Just like a real Game of Skate, when any player is down to their last letter they get TWO attempts to defend on the last trick before they lose!

*A refresh step will always activate when a defensive player bails, or all players have landed the set trick.  If an offensive player fails to set a trick, priority is passed to the next player and they may choose to set a trick at the current location without refreshing, or refresh and activate a new location.

If you've ever played a game of H.O.R.S.E. on a basketball court, then you already know how to win at The Game of Skate! The player with Priority will attempt to set and land tricks at their locations. Roll the dice and try to defend, or bail and Take a Letter. If you spell out S.K.A.T.E. then you’re out of the tournament! The Game of Skate is easy to learn but offers deep strategy and boundless opportunities for customized deck building.
Hero Types
Each Hero is built around a unique Skateboard archetype. Maxx, a Hammer-type Hero specializes in huge drops and maximum impact. Tawny is a Vert Hero who owns the skies with super-charged spin moves. Choose cards that sync with your Hero’s Abilities to unlock your Ultimate Banger! 
 Card Types
Trick types include Flip, Spin, Grind, and Grab. Most trick cards will be resolved, or Landed, by a roll of the dice. Action type cards are divided into Steeze and Stoppers, where Steeze cards will usually help, while Stoppers hinder your opponent. Location Cards are where all the magic happens. Activate your Local, Gnarly, and Heroic spots to gain an edge over your opponents!
*Decks are 61 Cards total: 1 Hero, 50 Trick/Action cards and 10 Location cards.